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Thread: Phrasal verbs

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    Phrasal verbs

    I was wondering if there is any specific explanation to differentiate separable and non separable phrasal verbs. It's about an English class. Thanks in advance for any answer

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    Re: Phrasal verbs

    Hmmm . . .

    Plenty of viewings; no replies. I am familiar with phrasal verbs, but the two terms don't help. Post a couple of examples -- always offer examples because one of the great difficulties that teachers face is that pedants over centuries have re- and re- and re-termed the identifiable dynamics of English until even the best teacher in the world feels as though she is drowing in indeterminate terms.

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    Re: Phrasal verbs

    Inseparable- look into (you can't put anything like a pronoun between the verb and particle)
    Separable- Put it away (you can)

    I am afraid that this is basically a question of looking in the dictionary- there's no explanation that I know of.

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