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    Firstly, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you for the services youn are providing us with. My question is related to the class devisions and timing. In fact, I am teaching large classes, and I meet them two hours a week only. This makes it difficult for the students to really get engaged with their learning, and they tend to forget what they have learnt the week before. Also, only few of them may have chance to participate in class...On my part I never benifit from the fruits of my previous work as the students' impropvement is very slow and I always have to monitor, recycle, illici...etc. worst of all, towards mid-year most of the students get lost and can no more follow me, which results in serious class management problems...
    I hope my point is clear, and I should be grateful for my collegues all over the world to suggest to me any sollutions they consider suitable.

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    Re: timetable

    Do you divide them into groups at all? That increases student productivity, but you mention managemnet problems- how serious are they?


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