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    I'm facing a confusing problem with my English

    Hello everybody,
    NOTE:You may can't understand my writing for the first sense, but I'm sure you'll understand what I mean

    I'm having a confusing problem with my English and I hope I can find the solution here.

    The Situation:
    I'm a student in a computer science college, and all of our courses in English, of course.
    The problem is: when I read my textboxes I take 4-double time than I have to take for reading and understanding. And this problem because of long sentences which usually include compound nouns and sometimes more than one adjective and some expression which can't be translated literally.
    Like these sentences take the majority of my reading time because I keep rereading these sentences trying to understand the meaning. Furthermore, I almost can't understand more than 70% of my textboxes such as artificial intelligence textbox.

    Finally: I can't keep reading like this. It's such a waste of time and I can't understand well.
    Please: I need some expert or anybody how can guide me or can tell me what do I have to do to solve my confusing problem as quickly as possible.


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    Re: I'm facing a confusing problem with my English

    It's important that you hear, read and speak English a lot. Try to read English novels, watch English TV, perhaps you can find yourself a penpal whose first language is English. I hope this helps... It may take some time but I'm pretty sure this is the easiest way. Good luck.

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    First: thank you acdcfar for replying. I appreciate that.

    Many people told me that I have to watch movies and listen to the radio to improve my English. And I did so.
    But I couldn’t understand because they're talking so fast for me. But I could only understand some short sentences which let me know that's going on.
    Although, I have taken many courses in English grammar, reading and 6 levels in general communication.
    Generally my English isn't that bad. I know enough to get by anywhere.
    My problem particularly is with textboxes, especially with some authors. Some authors use difficult ways to express their ideas.


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    You are trying to do it alone, by yourself. Everything is more difficult that way. Please try to join a study group, even one with people who speak only English. You will find ways to help them, and they will help you. And you will make friends. Please do not try everything by yourself. I hope you try it and find that it is very helpful!

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    Re: I'm facing a confusing problem with my English

    I agree that it is difficult to do everything on your own. Is there a British Council office somewhere within reach? If so, there may be groups that you can join. As to hearing spoken English, you need to have it on constantly so that your brain can learn the patterns. Perhaps a spoken word CD which you have on quietly while you are doing other things?

    One small piece of advice - when faced with compound nouns and complicated sentences, consider the total context rather than trying to identify the meaning from the individual words.

    The other thing you are welcome to do is to post the sentences that are giving you trouble and someone will certainly be able to help.

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