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    Grief and Despair What's the difference?


    Hopefully you will get this question in time to help. I am doing a re-write on my Composition II Character Analysis Essay on Sartoris Snopes from Faulkner's "Barn Burning".

    In the story Sarty is described as being full of "Grief AND despair" numerous times. In my thesis statement I made the following assertion:

    Emotionally, Sarty is desapiring, grief-stricken, and fearful young man who learns how to overcome these personal limitations to make the most important decission of his life."

    I feel very strongly that Faulkner must have ment the two things to be seperate when he described Sarty. However, my teacher views the grief and despair as one and the same thing. Now I know you never buck the teacher, however, she has challenged me to prove my point and I feel strongly that I can. What I would like to know is how the conjuction AND is used in the sentence. Does it make sense that grief AND desair as used in the story describe two seperate emotions? If so, do you have any advise as to places I can go to read about this particular phrasology?



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    Re: Grief and Despair What's the difference?

    They are not the same. Grief is intense sorrow, especially that caused by someones death; Despair is the complete loss or absence of hope.

    You can feel either without the other, but often the two go hand in hand.

    I'm afraid on this one your teacher is not right.

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    Re: Grief and Despair What's the difference?

    Thank you, I thought the same thing (She is a great teacher though) I think more than anything she was trying to get me to prove my point. Thanks for your help.


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