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    Conversation classes

    Has anyone got any ideas for advanced games for adults for conversation classes? I teach EFL in Paris and I'd welcome any suggestions.
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    Re: Conversation classes

    Maybe you can try this:

    Devide your class into two groups (or teams).
    There are many French words in the English language, so have each of your students in Group 1 identify three to five French words that are used in English. Group 2 will do the same with English words that are used in the French language. No two students can use the same word, so depending on the number of students, you can determine how many words they must acquire.

    Next, the students write their words in large letters on index cards, one word per card.

    The two groups challenge each other to form a proper sentence using the words on the cards.

    Scoring: 5 points for a complete, grammatically correct, sensible sentence.
    Assign fewer points if something is missing or incorrect.

    As a further challenge, each winning sentence requires an equally well-done reply.

    Let me know if this helps, please.

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    Re: Conversation classes

    Hi, Would you mind sending me ideas for conversation classes and how to start and so on as I am going to start giving conversation classes soon. Pls help! Any sites I can visit???
    Thanks alot!

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