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    listening English

    i think speaking english is very difficult, and translate them into Vietnamese (My language). How can i do it better? Moreover, i cant listen to the cassete clearly. I feel very sad because the E examination of my university is very diffcult. Help me,please!

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    Re: listening English

    Hi, Huyen,
    Learning a language requires a lot of time and effort. I'd recommend you the following:
    Ask a teacher or an advanced learner to record you some short stories(according to your level) from a book, with pauses between sentences.
    1. Listen to the recording and repeat each phrase after the speaker.
    2. Transcribe the recording (listen and write down in your copy-book all the story), part by part at a suitable pace.
    3. Write the initial few words from 7 or 10 sentences and try to complete them from memory, for example:
    Mary ran all the way...
    Mary ran all the way home from school.
    Granny will be...
    "Granny will be waiting for me at the door", she said to herself.
    In this way you will be able to render all the story. It will improve your listening comprehension and speaking.

    Best wishes.

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