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    What is the difference between "all" and "whole"

    I need to learn what is the difference between "all" and "whole".
    would you help me?

  1. matilda

    Wink Re: What is the difference between "all" and "whole"

    according to webster:

    all: 1.the whole amount, quantity, or extend of much as possioble 3. every member or individual component of 4. the whole number of 5. every/ any whatever/ nothing but/ only 6. entirely

    whole: 1.healthy/unhurt/entire//intact 2. physically sound and healthy

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    Re: What is the difference between "all" and "whole"

    It's a complex question, Mehmetali. Here's from Michael Swan:
    "All and whole can both be used with singular nouns to mean complete.
    J. spent all (of) the summer at home.
    J. spent the whole summer at home.
    All is not generally used before indefinite articles.
    She's eaten a whole loaf.
    With most uncountable nouns we prefer all (of).
    I've drunk all (of) the milk."

    Sorry, I 'm short of time and can't type more. If you've got M.Swan's Practical English Usage (I strongly recommend the book) it's page 34.



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