Hi, Huda!
I hope you are fine and you are still interested in homework. You know some teachers have very old-fashioned methods of teaching and they make their children learn new words by heart to write a dictation at the lesson or they give them a lot of exercises in grammar. We all know how such hometasks are done. One very good pupil writes it and all the others copy it.
A couple of days ago I published a survey in our school newspaper about homework. About 100 pupils answered those questions and what is interesting most of them consider such homeworks boring. 50% of the pupils say that they mostly learn English only in class and when they communicate with their friends in the forum. You know we have started a forum in my homepage. It's only the beginning and not all of them have registered but I feel most of them visit it and read the materials of the forum. An intersting homework! So they have no homework in high school. They have so many lessons to do in different subjects that they simply have no time to write something. I would be very happy to hear from you!