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    Post Grammar question

    Excuseme, whats the difference between,
    • I like reading and I like to read
    Is there any difference in meaning? i think i heard one is for habits and another is more specific. Im twisted! would you like to help me.

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    Re: Grammar question

    With "like" plus a gerund or infinitive object, there really is no difference in meaning. Some texts/teachers distinguish between gerunds and infinitives when they are subjects of sentences like:
    Swimming is fun.
    To swim is/would be fun.

    As you can see with the second example, the infinitive (to) is considered more hypothetical (or unrealized) and the gerund (ing) more real (or realized)

    Some verbs take both gerunds and infinitives as objects with different meanings, however. There are lists in most grammar books and online

    Hope that helps!

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