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    Would somebody please help me with the English?

    Dear Sir,

    Would you interested in a research collaboration between our faculty and the HEALTH's research centre in Canada? I am happy to assist our faculty with this.The collaboration may work for examples as sending our lecturers for sabital study here, training for our lecturers in applying WHO research grants, co-supervising honours or post grad students from this centre in undertaking their researchs in (name of a country), working together in a research or sending our lecturers here for post grad studies.

    I am very sure this collaboration will help us in developing the faculty in term of research and international relationship. Your opinion is highly appreciated before I can proceed more. I threw this idea to the HEALTH's director last week , he was interested and he is willing to send you a letter for further discussions on this.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Letter_collaboration

    hello my friend,

    i am impressed in your letter. because i am just registered and i don't speak english well.

    thanks for your letter. it was good

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    Re: Letter_collaboration

    Would you interested- be interested
    or examples as sending examples such as
    sabital - sabbatical
    applying WHO research grants- for
    their researchs- research
    in a research- on research
    international relationship-international relationships
    Your opinion is highly appreciated before I can proceed more- Your opinion would be highly appreciated before proceeding any further
    I threw this idea- informal- I discussed this idea with the HEALTH's director last week;

    PS Dear Sir- do you haver a name? If not, unless you know it's a man, I'd use 'Sir or Madam'

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    Re: Letter_collaboration

    Thanks Tdol.


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