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    killer haul, the real clincher, money trail

    While the killer haul is reason enough to keep the taxmen busy for some time to come, the real clincher could be whether Ali was a front for murkier deals like Hawala, involving bigger interests.

    Sources have told CNN-IBN that the Enforcement Directorate has zeroed in on as many as 28 top politicians, three big corporate personalities and a renowned Bollywood financer.

    Their names were reportedly found in the hard disk of Aliís computer. The disk also reportedly has information about the money trail.

    Please explain the highlighted words.

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    Re: killer haul, the real clincher, money trail

    "killer haul" - the taxmen have found great quantities of papers and accounts that contain evidence of tax evasion.

    the real clincher - the last essential bit of evidence

    money trail - when money is being "laundered" for illegal reasons, it is moved from account to account. This is known as the money trail. Snails leave a trail of slime that you can follow; money transactions leave a trail of evidence that you can follow.


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