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    How the Creative Writing Process Works

    The Creative Writing Process permits the author to construct through a series of well planned out stages, a thorough piece of writing that is both organised in its presentation and thorough in its development. Since this is a process, we are dealing with several stages of development from the initial thoughts and ideas to the final polished product.

    The first stage of writing is usually the selection of a topic to write about. It involves the consideration of several possible subjects of study, listed for consideration. Following a critical evaluation of the pros and cons of each possible candidate, a selection is made and stated with a reason given for its choice.

    Now that a topic has been selected, one must organise the subtopics that will be included within the piece of writing. One of the easiest methods of visualising the proposed topics that will be developed is to draw a web map. This graphic organiser is the blueprint for our writing as it shows the relevant paragraphs and their supporting thoughts that will form the body of each paragraph. When the web map is completed, we have before ourselves the basic elements of our story and the sequence in which they shall occur.
    While the Web Map organised our basic elements of our writing, we still need to focus in on the statements that will be made in our paragraph. The outline keeps our paragraphs focussed on a single topic with carefully selected supporting statements, and sets up our topic and concluding sentences. At this stage, we are still writing in point form only since we are merely organising our ideas. While most of the ideas of the outline are probably well supporting of the main idea of their prospective paragraphs, some could be better. Careful revision of a few of the ideas recorded in the outline will improve the content and quality of your final product.

    You can now write in earnest with all the zest and vigor that we posses. In preparing your First Copy, make liberal use of adjectives, adverbs and colourful descriptions. Use a variety of simple, compound, and compound complex sentences.

    When you are done, have a parent or trusted skilled friend proof-read your work for spelling and grammar errors. Next you can edit your work to improve the way that your sentences flow, change awkward wording, add or remove words to make the sentences more polished.
    All that is left now is to prepare the final document on a word processor. Be sure to make it double spaced and include both title page and bibliography. Staple it together with the title page on the front, followed by the final copy and all the other steps of the Creative Writing Process, and hand it in.

    Congratulations you are done.

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    Re: How the Creative Writing Process Works?

    Where did this text come from? Please do not post texts on the site without a URL. Also, please don't post complete texts; post an extract and a link- if people want to follow the link, they will. We cannot allow copyright texts to be published here.

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    Re: How the Creative Writing Process Works?

    Quote Originally Posted by huda23 View Post

    You can now write in earnest with all the zest and vigor that you possess. In preparing your first draft, make liberal use of adjectives, adverbs and colourful descriptions. Use a variety of simple, compound, and compound complex sentences.

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