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    Any one help me with?

    My post of sentence analysis has'nt got any reply.
    It's so bad! My password is useless for signing in although i remember it so well.Then, i have to reset it to get a new one that is'nt familiar to me at all.
    Please let me know whether I've done anything wrong.
    My wish is to join in this furum to learn English for i find that it gives lots of usefull information for my study and really hope to get the feedback.

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    Re: Any one help me with?

    Hi, Phthao,
    This is your 5th post, so you don't have to register again. It's really very depressing when questions get no reply at all. If I had enough knowledge on the matter you asked, I would have answered you, but alas...
    Don't be discouraged and send another post on the same thread, sth like Please, can anyone answer?
    I know, it's humiliating, but sometimes knowledge comes at a price...
    Best wishes.


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