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    difference between get & bring; make & do

    I am usually confused with using words get and bring, and make and do. I actually do not know the difference that causes the problem of correctly using them.
    Please teach me the difference and proper use of word in sentences.

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    Re: difference between get & bring; make & do

    A simple way of distinguishing between do and make is to look at whether we are talking about the activity/process or the product. We tend to use do for actvities and processes (do work/the shopping) and make for the result or product. So, people do work (activity) in order to make money (the result).

    With get and bring, it depends on whether you have the thing with you:
    Bring the book when you come. (you have the book)
    I'm going to get the book from the libray (I don't have the book)

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