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    quotation marks / inverted commas

    Could somebody explain when to use each of these
    1) '
    this is an apostrophe so I suppose it is used only in shorter versions of "it is" - "it's" or "they are" - "they're" and things like that. Nevertheless I would be grateful if someone explain this topic clearly.
    2) `
    3) "

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    Re: quotation marks / inverted commas

    For 1 and 3, I found this:

    The American rule is that double quotation marks are the standard form, and single quotation marks (what the British call "inverted commas") are normally used only to enclose a quotation within a quotation.

    The British usually, but not always, reverse this order, using single quotation marks first, and then double quotation marks to enclose quotations within quotations.

    I am not a teacher, but I would like to share what I've been taught to do. I follow the, according to, American rule. I do, however, use single quotation marks when I want to emphasize words or phrases in my handwritten essays (Normally I'd use italics, but that's when I write using the computer). :)

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