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Thread: Don't stress

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    Don't stress

    Does "Don't stress" mean not to panic. Please advise. Thanks/

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    Re: Don't stress

    It's closer in meaning to "don't worry too much."

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    Re: Don't stress

    Quote Originally Posted by hlbert03 View Post
    Does "Don't stress" mean not to panic. Please advise. Thanks/
    It can mean a lot of things. However, since you associate it to panic, I can guess which meaning you're getting at.
    It's usually used with an object-'Don't stress me'. - you usually stress someone or else you feel stressed or under stress.

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    Re: Don't stress

    Literally, stress it the application of pressure, this always leads to strain.

    As with any quick phrase telling you what to do, the implied 'yourself' at the end of the phrase is missed off. "Don't stress" is an abbreviation of "Don't stress yourself", which literally means don't put pressure on yourself.

    How you react to the pressure is up to you!

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