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    Peter Hull

    Which is correct please?

    "Me and my freinds", or "my freinds and me"

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    Re: Peter Hull

    Sorry, neither! It is Friends, not Freinds!

    Apart from the spelling, it would depend on where in the sentence the phrase were to be used, either could be correct, either could be wrong.

    You need to separate the two parts into 'my friends' and 'me' and then insert each part into two sentences to see which is correct. The 'me' could then turn into 'me', 'I', or 'mine' depending on context.

    eg1. The choice of colour was left to my friends and me. (either: The choice of colour was left to My friends... or...The choice of colour was left to me). Correct - both sentences work.

    eg2. It was either my friends or me who chose the colour. (It was my friends who chose the colour.....or....It was me who chose the colour). Correct.

    eg3. Me and my friends objected to the colour.( Me objected to the colour...or...My friends objected to the colour.) Wrong...'me' should be 'I'.

    eg4. My friends or I objected to the colour, I can't remember! ( My Friends
    objected to the colour, I can't remember....or....I objected to the colour, I can't remember.) Correct.

    eg5. The colour choice was my friends' and mine. (The colour choice was was my friends'....and ....The colour choice was mine.)

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