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Thread: selling a stamp

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    selling a stamp

    myself is a worldwide stamp collector. I have a great collection on so many countries.firstly i would like to say about myself as rohit bhargava from india .ihave a rare collection which is done my grand father's father .
    collection includes the postal rareties of various countries , early issues of great Britain ,india as well as indian states, briish commonwealth countries , france (first issue), ealy issues, airmail stamps of various countries , postage due, newspaper stamps . for the convenience iam enclosing the images of some of them.
    i would like to sell it .how you can help me in selling .and what is your buyin procedure and mode of payment.please reply me as soon as possible.
    your faithfully
    rohit bhargava

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    Re: selling a stamp

    Hello, Rohit Bhargava.

    Do you have a question for one of our teachers?

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