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    One-to-one teaching

    I am looking for articles/stories about teaching one or two students. I am "training"government workers for their Oral English proficiency tests, and would like to hear about other teachers' experiences in this setting, as wll as read articles about this topic.
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    Re: One-to-one teaching

    Thirty six for zero!!

    Oy oy oy!!! Your question is breathtaking, boundless!!
    I am, by trade, a tutor – i.e., I teach either individuals or small groups.

    I produce most of my material as I go, drawing on a collection of gathered-over-years material and standard textbooks (and a grammar of my own). It’s hard, but satisfying. You need a contract that remunerates you for preparation, or you’ll drop dead after a year or so.

    I develop my ‘curriculum’ on the basis of a continuing analysis of (a) the problems that the students have, and (b) the goals that you must reach in the provided time – and knowing the standard to be reached is critical. I then write material that deals with the difficulties that the students have.

    Please do post further texts on this subject. I am always eager to learn, and I’d like to know how you get on.

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