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    Question date of creation

    Hi, folks!

    I wonder if you could help me with the correction of a sentence in a student's work. The work is about music, in this case, a band, and one of the things he wrote about the band is "Date of creation", referring to when the band was formed. Anyway, that expression doesn't sound correct to me! Should I correct it, or is it all right to write that?

    I would appreciate your help very much!

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: date of creation

    Hi Seagull!

    Creation doesn't sound correct to me either. I would prefer form date but I'm not sure...

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    Re: date of creation

    It would depend on what came before, and what followed. If it is part of a short list then it would be ok. eg. Band name: The Lords of the Underworld; Date of Creation: 25th December 2000; Lead Singer: Timmy.

    If it is part of a sentence then "formation date" or "date of formation" or "formed on" would be better wording. eg: The band was formed on 25th December.

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