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    Adjectives ending in -ic and -ical

    I'd like to know the correct use of each suffix. Would you please help me?
    Thanks in advance.
    Dora David.

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    Re: Adjectives ending in -ic and -ical

    Hi, Dora,
    I'm afraid I can't generalize, but I can give examples.
    Historical normally means "having taken place in history" or "from the past" or "having to do with history."
    historical events (that really happened, facts);
    historical books (books on history)
    Historic means "having significance in history." It usually refers to an event or person.
    historic speech/visit = so important that it deserves to be mentioned in history books.
    Economical means frugal, using not too much of sth.
    Some politicians are very economical with the truth. = they don't often tell the truth.
    Economic means relating to economy
    What are the economic implications of the president's visit to Brazil?
    Our government's economic policy reminds of that of the Soviet Union.

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