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    Activities/games to start a class

    I am a new teacher and I will be teaching English to a group of grade school Thai students. They already know a bit of conversational English. Do you have any suggestions on how I can start the class (games, activities)? How do I get them talking? Please share your experiences. Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Activities/games to start a class

    I am not a teacher now but I will be an English teacher and I hope I know what to do for classes in English..

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    Smile Re: Activities/games to start a class

    hi eia,

    Even though I am a would-be teacher I could give you some pieces of advice:

    The first thing you have to do is ''to break the ice''. You can start telling a funny story or a joke or pre'sent a ( funny) picture and discuss about that picture. You could organize a content within the class: divide the class into 3 or 5 groups. And you could give them a task, for instance, each group could put down on a sheet of paper names of animals or flowers or anything else. Then check the result ( do not forget to praise the winners but the others also have to be encouraged) and discuss about it in front of the whole class etc. And then stir the interest in the topic you are going to teach.

    Kind regards,

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