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    I want to collect all of the sentences which have the word "although"

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    Re: 121212

    Main statement, although contrasting statement.
    Ex: We wanted to buy a sports car, although we knew that fast cars can be dangerous.

    Although contrasting statement, main statement.
    Ex: Although we knew that fast cars can be dangerous, we wanted to buy a sports car.


    Here's what the usage note on although and though in the American Heritage Dictionary says:

    "As conjunctions, although and though are generally interchangeable: Although (or though) she smiled, she was angry. Although is usually placed at the beginning of its clause (as in the preceding example), whereas though may occur elsewhere and is the more common term when used to link words or phrases, as in wiser though poorer, or in constructions such as Fond though (not although) I am of opera, I'd rather not sit through the Ring cycle this weekend."
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    Re: 121212

    Here are a few:
    1. Although these films express many similar ideas from my previous films, I think they express these ideas in a different way.
    2. Just because I never went to university doesn't mean I can't read, although I do feel a bit uneducated from time to time.
    3. Although it was a violation of the law, the observers were refused to watch the counting of the ballots.
    4. I live a very quiet life, although I'm very urban.



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