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    Preemtive vs Preventive

    What is the difference between " Preemptive & Preventive"

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    Re: Preemtive vs Preventive

    (Adjective) Used or devised to stop something from happening, or to stop people from doing a particular thing.
    (Noun) Something that stops something unwanted from happening, especially something that protects against illness.

    Preemptive (Adjective)

    1) Done before others can act: Done before somebody else has had an opportunity to act so making his or her planned action pointless or impossible.
    2) Intended to prevent attack: military intended to eliminate or lessen an enemy’s capacity to attack (a preemptive strike).
    3) Discouraging further bidding

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: Preemtive vs Preventive

    Here are a few examples.
    In 1908 preventive detention was introduced to deal with `habitual criminals' who were dangerous to society.
    The provincial government introduced a number of preventive measures, including extending the scope for blood-serum tests to identify people infected with HIV.
    They were fully prepared to carry out 'pre-emptive action' to halt a potential Iraqi attack.
    On 7 December 1941 the Japanese launched a pre-emptive strike on the Hawaiian base of Pearl Harbor, putting much of the US air and naval force there out of action.


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