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    I have a homework that I suppose to convert Vietnamese idioms to a similar English idioms:

    Vietnamese Idiom : Mean.....

    Tien nao cua nay: Pay for what you get

    Ca lon nuot ca be: Bigger fish eat smaller fish or bigger take overthe samll company

    Mau loang con hon nuoc la: Relatives are better than stangers

    Lenh vua thua le lang: Local laws are more effect and obbey and than Federal laws

    Ban anh em xa mua lang gieng gan : It's better to have good neighbor than distant relatives

    I just want to start with these four, please help

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    Re: Idioms

    1 You get what you pay for (= if you buy something cheap, don't expect it to be good quality)
    3 Blood is thicker than water

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