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    how low I've gone

    Hello, please tell me about this.

    This is from a novel.
    A pregnant woman says "I think today's the day. Look how low I've gone."
    Does it mean "I think the baby will be born today. My belly has come down" ?

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    Re: how low I've gone

    Hi, PD,
    You are right.

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    Re: how low I've gone

    Thank you, Humble!!

    I have another question from the same context.

    The husband blames the pregnant wife for the timing of delivery.

    "It's just such terrible timing."
    "I do think you bear half the blame for the timing," she said. "I mean, after all, Frex."
    "That's how the thinking goes, but I wonder."

    Could anybody please paraphrase "That's how the thinking goes" ?
    Is it something like "It is natural to think in that way"?

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    Re: how low I've gone

    = That's what is commonly accepted/most people believe

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    Re: how low I've gone

    Thank you, Tdol!


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