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    Hi to everybody ,
    I wonder if you could help me to understand the difference between
    gradable and ungradable ajectives , "brilliant" is supposedly ungradable,
    but I can say : "more brilliant" . Which adjectives are truely ungradeable ?
    Thank you
    Traudel from Mexico

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    Re: ajectives

    Hi, Traudel,
    I think gradable and ungradable adjectives are the same in all languages, because the logic is universal. So if it's not one in Spanish, it won't be in English.
    Brilliant meaning superb is not gradable, I think.
    Brilliant meaning reflecting light might be.


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    Re: ajectives

    Does someone know of web sites containing lists of English adjectives that are ungradable - i.e. adjectives such as "unique" that do not permit expression of a degree?
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    Re: ajectives


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