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    We went about hiding.

    What does `about' mean here?

    Please explain it.

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    Re: about

    More context is needed - as a sentence it looks incomplete. Are "we" [went about] hiding what : ourselves? or something else? or hiding from something?

    About preposition & adverb
    on the subject of; concerning. If you were to go and see someone about something called a "hiding", then "We went [about the hiding]" - we went to find out more concerning the "hiding"

    2 used to indicate movement within a particular area or location in a particular place. At Easter, little eggs are hidden for children to find. Here you would say "We [went about] hiding the Easter eggs for the children to find" - we moved all over the house/garden to hide the eggs


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    Re: about

    Thanks to all who have been helping me.

    I thought you would get bore by my questions.
    But you are so generous that you always helping me.

    Really, I love you all.

    [you -- refer to all who have been helping me]


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