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    an alternative plot to Hamlet

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    Re: an alternative plot to Hamlet

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    Hello guys, I am wondering if I could get someone to check over the grammar mistakes in my English-Shakespeare studies assignment. This is a creative, informal assingment that ask the student to think what they would do if they were Hamlet after reading Act 1 of Hamlet. Thanks a lot.

    Hamlet has to assume that the ghost that had appeared before him is his father’s spirit and everything it said is true. This assumption is valid since the ghost did not flee before Horatio’s “cross” and Hamlet swears by St Patrick that it is “an honest ghost”. Also, it is impossible to prove that Claudius had committed the crime without arousing his suspicion and wraith."wraith=ghost" - check your spelling!

    Based on this assumption, Hamlet then must accept the ghost’s offer [as I recall, it was a demand rather than an offer] and avenge his father’s foul murder by killing Claudius. This is not an act of selfish revenge but an act of fair justice. Claudius is a tyrant who kills a king to gratify his passion of ambition. Thus, he is guilty of a sacrilegious attack upon the hierarchy of order and degree instituted by natural law. Hamlet will not let such things go by without punishing the criminal. To not do so would go against Hamlet’s faith, belief, moral and patriotic spirit.

    The killing must be done quickly since Claudius is no fool. The murder he committed will haunt him and drive him into paranoia. Eventually, he will reach a stage where he deems it necessary to eliminate threats in order to secure his power. Hamlet will likely be the first target.

    Hamlet cannot poison Claudius since such acts are reserved for cowards and go against his faith and moral ideals. He cannot assassinate Claudius in public because doing so would invite treason in the public eye. The best choice he has is to kill Claudius when Claudius is sleeping in the “incestuous” bed with his mother. His can slip into Claudius’s bedroom easily since he is a prince and can walk freely around the castle. The second advantage of being a prince is that he is allowed to carry swords [either "a sword" or "weapons"]. Thus, he can simply slip in, cover Claudius’s mouth, and stab Claudius in the heart with his sword. Then he can wake his mother up and explain the reason for killing. This would fully comply with the ghost’s wishes since his mother is not harmed directly. The next day, he would have to deal with the court and public. The public would be easy to deal since they love him more than Claudius and they dare not to interfere in the affair of kings. The court is a bit harder to convince but since he is the heir to the throne, they could do nothing.

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    Re: an alternative plot to Hamlet

    Thanks for the correction!

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    Re: an alternative plot to Hamlet

    I like the bit about paranoia.

    Do you mean 'invite treason'?

    There's a word missing here: 'would be easy to deal since they love him more' (either complete the phrasal verb, or substitute another - like 'handle').

    'they dare not to interfere in the affairs of kings'
    'dare' shouldn't have the 'to' here (though you could say 'wouldn't dare [to]')
    Affairs are usually plural, unless they're love affairs or political scandals.


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