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    Present Perfect Continuous

    I would like to know when we use the present perfect continuous ,the action must be finished or still happend
    thank you

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    Re: Present Perfect Continuous

    Hello VOPZ, welcome to Using English!

    The "present perfect continuous" (or "present perfect progressive") is used principally for:

    A) An action or state that began in the past, and is still in progress at the moment of speaking, e.g.

    1. He has been eating that cheese sandwich for an hour.
    2. He has been sitting and thinking about Spinoza since yesterday.

    B) An action or state that finished recently, e.g.

    3. I have been trying to phone you all day!

    C) A repeated action or state, e.g.

    4. They have been coming here for their holidays since 1972.

    All the best,


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    Re: Present Perfect Continuous

    Just to add to Mr.P's wonderful response that B) is also often connected to something that is visible in the present in some way: "She's been crying" (I can see that her eyes are red and her nose is running) or "They've been running" (they are out of breath and sweaty)

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