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  1. Tammy Winslow

    Talking English Language Doubt

    Can you please let me know what is better:
    I have just sent OR I just have sent?

    Thank you

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    Re: English Language Doubt

    I have just sent

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    Re: English Language Doubt

    Right, but I just could mean I only. Could it retain this order then? Hmm, it sounds odd, anyway...

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    Re: English Language Doubt

    I have just sent it= I sent it right now.
    To use the form that Humble suggests you would have to say "I just sent one" without the 'have', that would imply "I only sent one. Of course, you could also say "I just sent it" and it would mean the same as "I have just sent it". The meaning would change with the object of the sentence (it v.s. one)

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