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    Post how can i improve my speaking english ?

    how can i improve english i am from india now a days i am facing problem with english even i cant understand british
    languge easily i have some problem with pronouciation and writting skill too can u advise how can i do this ?

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    Re: how can i improve my speaking english ?

    (i'm french, english is my second language) my advise is to find out if there is any free tutors in your city. like literary organisations, or literary councils.

    go to your local library and ask the person who works there and if she or he doesn't know ask the head librarian.

    second advice, for speaking. i suggest to listen to audio books. and just listen to the same one over and over and speak with the tape. and just practice pronunciation.

    other advice, start reading childrens books that are not to complex.

    my last advice: there are two programes on the computer. one is called "adobe" that's "pdf" files i'm sure you know what that is. download the latest adobe with the "speak features" basically the computer can read for you.

    and microsoft reader . works on "lit" file. basically it's novel. the programe reads books for you. you have to download here

    and dowload this extra thing:
    Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package

    Microsoft Reader - Download Text-to-Speech Package

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