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Thread: tree diagrams

  1. Literature student

    tree diagrams

    can u plz. help me out with this assignment.

    I) Represent the structure of the followin phrases using tree diagrams:
    i) the most beautiful flower in the garden
    ii) into the crowded bus
    iii) gave an interesting lecture
    iv) looked very tired.

    II)Draw tree diagrams to represent the structure of the following sentences:
    1. the train has just arrived on the platform
    2. raju may have to go to school by bus tomorrow
    3. when I reached the office she had already left
    4. keep off the grass
    5. could you please get me some water?

    III) Explain the ambiguity in following sentences:
    a) she asked me meet her yesterday
    b) walking dogs can be fun
    c) Every postman delivered two bags of letters

    mail me the answers to this id : [email protected]

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    Re: tree diagrams

    We do not do homework assignments. Sorry. We will, however, guide you through if you provide your answers.

    All the best.

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