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    Smile Poem

    Hi! Could anyone kindly correct my poem, please? Thanks! jessicaalicias

    The Pirates of the Caribbean

    They were so scary,
    The pirates of the Caribbean.
    They had no mercy,
    But only greed.

    When they saw a ship they went aboard,
    Raided and show who was boss at sea.
    The targets fired their pistols drew their swords,
    but often their attempts to defend were in vain.

    To their comrades they were glorious,
    With the treasures they took.
    To their victims they were notorious,
    Longing they would hang in the gallows.

    A remembered pirate is Edward Teach,
    Nicknamed Blackbeard and even more pitiless.
    The goal of a feared pirate he reached,
    And he killed own men to teach the others a lesson.

    The golden age of piracy came to an end,
    When Blackbeard was found and killed.
    Now we are safer and many go out to sea on weekends,
    How frightening it would be if Blackbeard were still here.

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    Re: Poem

    Hi Jessicalicia!!
    Your poem is a good idea. Obviously it's for children. I've written some poems for children myself and one thing I'll tell you is that if you want to write it with rhymes take a look at the Webster's Dictionary. Though modern poetry uses more rhythm and figures like metaphores than rhyme that are just a matter of form

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