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Thread: spoken english

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    spoken english

    I am very poor at English.I am not able to say a single sentence without thinking it over and over again until it was a) too late to say it or b) sounding so wrong I couldn’t bring myself to say it.I live ina a place where nobody speaks in English.I spek english very slowly and hesitantly.I am looking for your help to improve my spoken English

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    Re: spoken english

    The best way to improve spoken English is by practicing. You seem to type well enough, so your best choice is to make friends online (on a chat room or a forum, such as this one), exchange phone numbers, and talk. You can also get interactive language software which helps with pronunciation. Finally, don't be afraid to speak up. If you think about what you are going to say too much you won't say it at all, so jus say whatever comes to mind.

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    Re: spoken english

    There have been several threads with the same question. In addition to the sound advice Johansen has given I'd recommend reading aloud, especially dialogues; 10 minutes a day would bring good results, I think.

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