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Thread: Weather

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    Hi everybody,
    My question is related to a 'question'. I've always known that if you want to find out some place's weather the proper questions should be as follows:

    What's the weather like?, what's the weather going to be like next week?, what was the weather like last weekend in New York?

    Well, lately I've found qustions such as "how's the weather?" and "how's the weather like?". I would like to know if the latter are correct. I know that in communicative terms they all may work, but my question is from the correct grammar point of view.

    I appreciate your comments,


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    Re: Weather

    You would normally ask "How's the weather there?" or "What's the weather like there?" if inquiring about the current climate.

    You could also ask:

    "What does the weather look like for the next week?"
    "How is the weather going to be for the next week?"

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    Re: Weather

    "How's the weather?" is probably ok. The important bit is your own interpretation of what the apostrophe indicates is missing from the question, and what other bits are missing from the question (because the sentence is so well known by everyone that the whole of it doesn't need to be stated).

    This could be interpreted as "How is the weather behaving today?".

    The question "How's the weather like?" isn't very good. It would be expanded to be "How is the weather like today?" which should really be "What is the weather like today?".

    The key to all English is being able to put back the missing words in the right place in a sentence. If in doubt, expand the sentence and then see if it sounds correct.

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    Re: Weather

    Thank you very much.

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