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    Smile lalala

    im a new user. i wanna askif this sentence is wrong or right
    =" how does it feel like to be walking"
    i'd like to highlight the word "to be walking"
    is that wrong if i use "to be walked"
    im so confused

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    Re: lalala

    'to be walking' is fine, but the sentence is wrong:

    How does it feel like to be walking?
    How does it feel to be walking?
    What does it feel like to be walking?

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    Re: lalala

    Hi, Jita,
    Welcome to the forum.
    Formatting is very easy. If you want to highlight a word or a sentence,
    1. Click on it and keeping the mouse pressed highlight it .
    2. Click on the letter B above, on the formatting bar - the word/sentence will become bold (thick)
    If you click on the letter I, it will become italicized.
    You can experiment and not send your post at once. Click on Preview the message below the post. If you like the way it looks, click on Submit the message.
    I was absolutely helpless when I first visited the forum, but people are really friendly here.
    How does it feel to be walking? could be asked by someone who is disabled and can't walk.
    How does it feel to be walked? could mean How does it feel when someone helps you to walk?

    Best wishes.
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