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    Arrow Actor for man and Actress for woman

    Why sometime we use "Actor" for both woman or man

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    Re: Actor for man and Actress for woman

    The following point of view is from Speaking Out:
    "The Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday was much like all other such events. Performers blew kisses at fans, thanked everyone in their lives, and there was abundant arrogant humility. There was, however, a major difference, a new element at play. An honorable word, "actress," was in effect banished, and the axiom never to use two words when one will do was thrust aside. For two words, "actor" and "actress," four were substituted, "male actor" and "female actor." This was a victory of sorts in a years-long campaign waged by several actresses to neuter their special designation, the main rationale being that doing so will bring about very just equality in pay and employment in admittedly male-oriented Hollywood." Read more here...
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