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    "under siege"

    Please tell me about "under siege".
    This is from a novel and the priest is practicing for his oratory when there is a community problem to sove.

    "We stand at a crossroads. Idolatry looms. Traditional values in jeopardy. Truth under siege and virtue abandoned."

    A dictionary says:
    1 obsolete : a seat of distinction
    2 a : a military blockade of a city or fortified place to compel it to surrender
    b : a persistent or serious attack (as of illness)

    In this case, does "under siege" mean 2a or 2b?

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    Re: "under siege"

    It is meaning 2b in a metaphorical sense. The priest is comparing their present situation to a war. He is saying that their way of life is being attacked by outside forces that want to destroy them.

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    Re: "under siege"

    Thank you, mykwyner!

    So...does it mean just "being attacked", not "being surrounded" as "siege" often means?

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    Re: "under siege"

    i think both but metaphrically

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    Re: "under siege"

    Thank you, nimsooze, our post crossed!

    What do you think about if it also means being surrounded or not?

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    Re: "under siege"

    Yes , in a world that is full of lies truth is surrounded like an island by the ocean of liars.
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    Re: "under siege"

    What's "full off lies"?
    Do you mean "full OF lies"?

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    Re: "under siege"

    yes sorry

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    Re: "under siege"

    OK, thank you

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