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    down to the wire

    Even in the event of India winning both the matches, everything may still go down to the wire and some complex mathematics may see the Indians take a flight home even before the Super-Eight stage begins.

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    Please explain the bold words

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    Re: down to the wire

    In this contect, everything may go wrong, India will not achieve the necessary points to go forward, and the team will have to go home.

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    Re: down to the wire

    Additional specifics:

    down to the wire - referring to a last-minute decision

    complex mathematics - the World Cup league positions may turn out to be very close. The decision about which 8 teams go through to the next round may depend not just on points for win/lose/draw results, but also on run differences (for-against), run-rates, Duckworth-Lewis* targets in the case of rain-affected matches, and maybe other things too - I'm not familiar with all the rules, but I know enough to know that 'It ain't over 'til it's over' .


    *Duckworth-Lewis method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Re: down to the wire

    Down To The Wire
    The point in a game or competition where there is minutes to go with the score tied (ex. hockey) or both players one point away from victory (ex. ping pong)

    >>With one minute to go, this game is down to the wire.

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