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    Question I want to ask you

    Hi again,
    I am just wondering the name of the term that you use to make a word smaller like bird-birdy, cute-cutie, and do boys use it more than girls or girls more and what for?
    In Arabic, we use this method either to disdain someone or to praise him, and old people use it more than young ones..

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    Re: I want to ask you

    An "endearment"

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    Re: I want to ask you


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    Re: I want to ask you

    I think, it can be called "diminutive"...but what about "kitty" fron "kitten"...In Romania, we use these types of words when we are, let's say childish, or we want to be so close to our friends....or we like to be sweet.

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    Re: I want to ask you

    They can be used in the same way in English; we can use them in a sweet way or an disdainful way.


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