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Thread: speaking fluent

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    speaking fluent

    hello everybody
    first of all i want to say that you have a wonderfull website.nearly 3 months i am looking for a website to improve both my reading and writing skill in english. and also if it can be possible i want to develop my speaking too.and finally by yours help i can success. so i want all of you to help me.
    best regards.

    metin mali

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    Re: speaking fluent

    Hi Metin Mali!
    Welcome to; I am so happy that the site can be helpful for you. I think the best way for you to improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills is to practice, just like you practiced english through writing your post.
    a few small errors:
    wonderful, not wonderfull
    Try to maintain good punctuation such as capitilization of the first letter of each sentence and one or two spaces after each sentence.
    Try not to start sentences with the word "and".
    Change "and finally by yours help I can success" to "And finally, by your help, I can suceed." (Success is a noun, while suceed is a verb.)

    For further practice, be sure to check out the other online resources listed on this website. There are many websites which can help you learn English in many different ways. Please continue posting any questions you may have!
    Hope this helps.

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