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    Stung by severe criticism and the backlash back home by the cricket fans, Team India’s batsmen gave a superlative batting performance to put on a World Cup best score of 413 runs on the board and then dismissed Bermuda for just 156 in 43.1 overs to win the Group B match by a world record 257-run margin.

    Please explain the meaning of highlighted words.

    I think (stung means hurt). (Am I right)
    But I don't understand the meaning of backlash in this particular sentence.

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    Re: stung/backlash

    "stung" is sharper than just "hurt". If you are stung by a wasp or a bee, then it is a sudden shock. The team has been shocked/galvanized into playing better by the criticisms.

    "backlash" - if a rope is stretched to the limit and snaps, the ends will recoil, with force. They have backlashed. It is a metaphor for the way in which the cricket fans have reacted to the news that the team was doing so badly.


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