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  1. TheGuest

    sentence understanding problem

    here is a news headline which i dont understand the meaning

    "India take shorts off Bermuda" ......this is a headline on the context of world cup cricket.

    in dictionary >

    take sth off (NOT WORK) phrasal verb [M]
    to spend time away from your work:
    He took off two weeks in September.

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    Re: sentence understanding problem

    finally a registered member.

    can anybody please explain the meaning .....this does not match with the dictionary .

    i dont know but is it sarcastically written ?

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    Re: sentence understanding problem

    It's a headline, so don't expect the language to be too correct. What it is saying is that India beat Bermuda completely in their match.

    There is an English idiom "to bore the pants off someone" - to bore the person completely. The headline has used the slightly politer word "shorts" instead of "pants".

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