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    I am getting very confused with adjectives, verb and adverb. I don't understand the defination very well.

    Please help

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    Re: help


    Chair is a noun, right?
    If I say chair and ask you to draw one, your picture of the chair is likely to be different from mine. It will probably look different but it would still be a chair. It may be a wooden chair whereas mine could be plastic chair. Yours may be a big chair and mine may be a small chair.

    These words helping us have a clear idea of what the noun chair looks like are adjectives. Adjectives describe nouns.

    Verbs are words that in some cases just connect a subject with the complement of its sentence like in: My name is Paul.

    Or can give you an idea of action, like in: I play football.

    As for adverbs, well, there are adverbs of manner. These describe verbs.

    If I say 'I play football.' you don't know how competent I am. If I want you to have an idea of how competent I am I can say, 'I play football well.'

    'Well' answers the question 'How do you play football?' Well is an adverb of manner.

    But maybe you want to know the degree of my competence, then I can say 'I play footbal very well'

    Very is an adverb of degree.
    I hope I helped,

    Good luck!


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