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    Punctuation task

    Hi there,

    (I'm unsure as to which category this post belongs.)

    My teacher gave me a punctuation task that I've found quite challenging. I've done it already, so that I'm not asking anyone to do it for me, you do not even have to correct it, in fact I don't even want you to. But if someone could look it over and just mark out my mistakes, and perhaps give me some hints, I'll take care of the rest.

    The task is about punctuating a text, which contains no punctuation from before except a single comma which I've marked in red. The amount of occurrences for each mark is given below:

    Punctuation mark = Quantity
    Comma -> , = 16
    Full stop ->. = 15
    Colon -> : = 1
    Brackets -> ( ) = 2 sets
    Quotation marks -> " " = 4 sets
    Hyphen -> - = 4
    Question mark -> ? = 2
    Exclamation mark -> ! = 2

    Here is the text. All punctuations are mine, except the comma in red:

    Marian Keyes: A woman in the Know

    Summer may be here, but autumn is just around the corner, and for those of us who like to cover up, it can't come soon enough.

    As the poet so eloquently put it: Autumn season of new boots and jackets, at least, how the poet would have so eloquently put it if the poet had a women.

    I love autumn, it might be because my birthday is in September. poor criticized Virgo, and I associate it with presents, cake, and lots of attention. but the shameful truth is that I'm not really a summer person. yes, I know this won't go down well, and that saying you don't like summer is like saying you don't like dolphins or teddy bears or Crunchies.

    My issue (I'm not sure I like that word) with summer is that everything's too bright, hot, and exposed. my clothes are all wrong, and summer brings me into a head on collision with my lumpy upper arms. I'm tormented by them. should I reveal them looking like sausage skins stuffed with cauliflower florets, and endure the sniggers of others, or keep them under wraps and swelter? if I elect to swelter, I have to deal with skinny smooth armed types who've never known a day's lumpiness in their lives. goading me "why are you wearing your cardie?", "you look so hot!", "look at her everyone, she's melting!", "stupid woman." while I'll have to insist, even though my face is the color of a raw steak and sweat is running down my back, that I'm fine, a little chilly even.


    I've got no idea as to where the 4 hyphens are supposed to be, nor the second bracket, or the rest of the full stops.

    My teacher is aware of the fact that I'm using this site, thus, I'm not trying to get the answers and hand them in as my own.

    Nadeem Qureshi

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    Re: Punctuation task

    As the poet so eloquently put it: Autumn season of new boots and jackets
    I love autumn, it might be because my birthday is in September
    Paragraph 3- Capitalisation
    head on

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