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    A Letter To Editor-Downloading entertainment from the Internet

    Dear Editor,
    I'm writing to comment on the trend of downloading entertainment from the Internet which has started a heated disscusion recently.
    As a computer enthusiast, I often download musivc and movies. Downloading music from the Internet is so convenient that it only spends you a few seconds.What's more, one can find their favourite tunes or moives easily by just typing their names and then searching them.In seconds,you can enjoy them!
    Another reason for downloading entertainment from the Internet is that it will cost you nothing. You can simply choose them and press the key to download them.Those who uploads the entertainment will not send you a bill,you are enjoying a free lunch.
    Before buying CDs or movies,people may be uncertain about the quality of them, they are afraid of buying albums or movies which are not up their streets and disappoint them. Free music and films, therefore, provide trials for these willing buyers. They can listen to the music or watch a several scenes of the films to see whether the music and films are worth paying to.
    Also,sometimes people may be music or movies lovers.They always look for the latest hits, however, it is beyond their means to purchase so many.Consequently, they need to download them instead of buying them from shops.
    Although there are many reasons for downloading entertainment from the Internet ,ZI notice that it really does harm to the makers. Refusing to buy their products, people are making the makers mistake their products are inferior. The makers have lower incentive to create more and even stop producing.People are discourging them from manufacturing music and films. As a result, one loses chances to enjoy resounding works. That means, the public, including those who download, become the victims!
    What is more,the ones who download entertainment are reducing the income of the makers. The manufacturers of the entertainment cannot get what they deserve.Many of them are breadwinners of their families,seeing that working in this industry fails to earn for a living,they may quit in order not to make nothing off their blood and sweat.
    Moreover, the downloads pay no respect to the producers of the entertainment. They also regard copyright infringment as nothing.It is wrong to think that since copyright infringment is the law set up to preserve the right of the makers.Needless to say,no one will love seeing their painstaking works stolen by others when the makers themselves promise to be the only distributor.
    As a matter of fat,it seems that people will continue to ignore the risk being prosecuted as they think that they can cop out since there are too many criminals. I hope people who download can have the same view as me-buy them so long as you consider them good and worth after downloading them.
    Yours faithfully,

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    Re: A Letter To Editor-Downloading entertainment from the Internet

    Reading this, I was not sure what you are writing about - are you supporting downloads, whether legal or illegal? Or are you suggesting that downloads are a bad thing for the music and film industries?

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    Re: A Letter To Editor-Downloading entertainment from the Internet

    Actually,the topic requires me to write on both sides........

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