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    Please please please help me!!!

    Dear Teachers,

    Please see if I have made any mistakes.

    Thanks a lot once in advance.

    Stanza 1
    Come to me, O ye children!
    For I hear you at your play,
    And the questions that perplexed me
    Have vanished quite away.

    (This isn't the whole poem. I've only put down the first stanza, since the questions below are only related to it.)

    1. What are the children doing?

    They are playing.

    2. What is the question that is disturbing the poet?

    Itís unclear from the poem. It might be a question regarding some problems of life.

    3. How has the question been answered?

    It has been answered by the sound of the soft and sweet voices of the children.

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    Re: Please please please help me!!!

    I would have said pretty much the same thing.

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    Re: Please please please help me!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by mykwyner View Post
    I would have said pretty much the same thing.
    Thanks a trillion for taking out some of your very precious time for me, Mykwyner!

    You know I know I have asked about the poem several times before. Actually, yesterday I read the book from which I had copied the questions. These three questions are under the heading of "Stanza 1". I think that means I am supposed to read the first stanza and answer the questions. And if so, we have no way of knowing the questions (plural) that were perplexing him, though it could just be a phrase meaning problems in general, rather than a specific problem.

    Also I think the question itself is a little incorrect. It should be "What were (not are) the questions (plural - it's plural in the poem) that were (not are) perplexing the poet?" What do you think of it?

    Here is my answer

    "It's rather/quite unclear from the poem. They might be quetions regarding some problems of life."
    Now, please let me know, If I have made any mistakes in the answer, and if you have a better line?

    Many thanks once again!


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