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    Lack of english learning books

    Dear Colleague,

    There is far more to teaching than getting a degree and then teaching in a school or other educational institution. Of course, teachers should be well qualified and should have a positive attitude toward their job in order to do it to the best of their ability.

    I think teaching English is one of the most challenging and exhausting kinds of teaching, because we don't teach just the language: writing, reading, listening, and speaking. We teach the whole culture, explain the traditions and explore the civilization.

    My name is Jebril Al-Qaderi. I am a Palestinian English language teacher at the HishamSecondary school in Jericho. It is in the occupied territories in the West Bank in Palestine. I teach students aged 16 to 18( Intermediate and advanced). I give 26 English language lessons a week and teach around 200 students annually.

    I got my B.A from Al Quds Open University (open learning). I couldn't attend regular university because I have to work to help my poor family. I face many troubles in my job (teaching the English language), especially in communicating with my Arab students and attracting them to learn the English language which they find very difficult.

    Due to this I start to develop myself to face my responsibilities toward my students and to satisfy my conscience. But our situation is really miserable due to the occupation, our financial problems, and that we don't have such educational organizations that could help us in this field (developing my English language, especially in grammar, writing and pronunciation, and to keep myself updated with the English language ( .

    So I start to seek the help from educational organizations or English Language native speakers who can help (which is stemmed out from their experience and instincts to help the others) me in this field.

    I hope that you understand my situation and evaluate it well. Please take my hand in order to graduate a generation of students who can carry the message, the message of life.

    With all my respect and gratitude,

    Note 1: please feel free to ask about anything. Don't hesitate to give me any suggestions, ideas, plans, name of organizations, or persons that could help me.
    Note 2: I will be happy if you have any books, references, editorials, periodicals; CDS, especially in grammar, writing and pronunciation ,that you can me send a hard copy to my following mail address:

    JEBRIL AL-QADERI, Hisham Ben Abd Almalik secondary school, Jerusalem Street, Jericho, West bank, Palestinian National Authority.
    Note: If you can't help, please forward this to the specialists.

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    Re: Lack of english learning books

    Hello. I am thinking I would like to teach English in Palestine. I have 15 years experience teaching English in the US to people from many different countries.

    Do you have any suggestions for me -
    who to contact?
    or general information?

    While I wait for your reply, I am going to search my closet for any books that I don't use to send to you.

    Thank you,
    ellen rosner

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