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    Is this useful?


    I've noticed that there are some humorous poems about the English language abroad. For instance

    this rather clever piece attributed,at least once, to a certain Dr Daniels:

    Buzzing Around - Word Playz

    When considering the recent phenomenon of text messaging on mobile devices, I'd noticed that

    replacing letters with numbers is becoming commonplace. I've seen too that such practices are

    spreading to Internet fora too. And, when challenged about the use of these writing methods, some

    contributors maintain that it has become proper to write in this new style.
    I happen not to believe that there is anything remotely proper about it! And accordingly I've

    written a little ditty to that effect. I'm wondering now if my little verse has a general appeal,

    or if it's restricted to a more private and personal expression of irritation?

    Ode 2 Illiteracy

    I gotta littel sekret
    I'm tryin not 2 tell
    Ain't good @ readin
    + don't rite 2 well

    Wasnt good @ skool
    Teacher m8 me quit
    I went 2 her place
    Covered it in sh*t

    Nowe I'm on Opraa
    I'm the latest kool
    Coz if u cant reed
    U gotta nowe u rule!!

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Is this useful?

    That sort of writing is fine for chat, but I find it annoying on fora. Generally, we encourage people to write normal English here. However, we don't get that much of it, possibly because it is a language forum.


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